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Handcrafted from Premium Reclaimed or Recycled Materials and Proudly Made in Toronto, Canada

Made in Canada - Fabriqué au Canada Hecho en Canadá

Welcome to the Cate & Levi Collection that is proudly handmade in Toronto, Canada from premium reclaimed or recycled materials by a family-owned business. Our hand puppets, stuffed animals, clothing, kids decor and DIY Kits are carefully crafted to bring you a soft and lovable toy or a gift that is responsibly made and environmentally friendly. Our products are safety tested for ALL AGES, newborn and up (excluding DIY Kits - for kids 7 years and older).

Cate & Levi Handcrafted Hand Puppets

Our hand puppets will become one of your child's favorite toys. You have a choice between our Premium Reclaimed Wool Puppet, where no two puppets are identical, as each has a unique color combination. Or try our 100% USA Polar Fleece Puppet, where this eco-friendly fabric is composed mostly of recycled plastic water bottles that are made into a soft fleece.

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Cate & Levi Handmade Stuffed Animals

Created by our artisans and standing from 16" to 22" tall, our stuffed animals are a great gift for kids and adults alike. When shopping for your stuffed animal you have two choices, Premium Reclaimed Soft Wool Stuffed Animals that are unique or "Softy" Fleece Stuffed Animals which come in the color and pattern you see online. Either way you can't go wrong!

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Want to make your own Hand Puppet or Stuffed Animal?

Now you can! We LOVE being makers and we want to share our craft with you. Now you can assemble your own hand puppet or stuffed animal with the help of our Cate & Levi DIY Makers Kit.

Do It Yourself Kits

Featured Products

Dog Softy Puppet -
$19.99 CAD
Dog Wool Puppet -
$24.99 CAD
Moose Wool Puppet -
$24.99 CAD
The Cate Doll - Brunette -
$39.99 CAD
Unicorn Softy Puppet -
$19.99 CAD